Small Groups

Note: all Small Groups (SGs) will be studying the book of Mark this year!



Multicultural SG

with Sofia Haile // Saturdays at 5 PM in the Chinese House

This small group is all about making the world more like the kingdom of God, which celebrates people of all cultures.

While we read through Mark, we'll be looking at how God's just kingdom transcends our human cultures.



Justice SG

with Rachel Meek and Erin Schulz // Thursdays at 9 PM in the Kirk 8 (Interfaith House)

While we read through Mark, we'll be searching for ways to apply God's justice to our lives. We'll volunteer at the Source (or another location we decide on together) and plan a week of awareness and fundraising about a multicultural / justice issue we decide on!

Identity at Mac SG

with AJ van Arneman and Elizabeth Lieske // Monday 4:30PM 1708 Grand Ave. Apt. #2 (near Tea Garden)

This small group will look at what it means to be a Christian at Macalester.

The Happy Gospel SG

with Charmaine Runes and Jack Reece// Wednesdays at 10 PM in the Doty Basement Lounge

Derived from the Greek word euaggelion (meaning “gospel” or “good news”), evangelism is to bear and to bring the message of good news, the happy gospel.

This small group looks at three questions: 1) What is the happy gospel? What is the "good news" of Jesus? 2) Who are we in light of this message? 3) How can we share it with others?




Prayer SG

with Justin Rasmussen and Cara Moriwaki // Wednesdays at 10 PM In Wallace 221

This small groups examines the importance of prayer, and different ways of praying.


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